Pure maple syrup is a delicacy appreciated by those who enjoy the finer things nature has to offer.  A great day starts with a great start.


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Prices are all-inclusive. We managed to filter out all those pesky additional charges too. Here you can expect to find exceptional maple syrup and one-price shopping. No shipping and handling fees!

It’s hard to get more "small town local Vermont" than the products we stock at Red Flannel Maple. When you buy anything from our Maple Tree Sugarbush, you know you’re enjoying something sustainably produced.

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Half Pints

Half Pints are the dating phase of maple syrup commitment.  They are small enough to be able to find the right one for your preferences.


Pints are the sign that things are starting to get serious.  Are you ready to go steady with a flavor/color of syrup?  Pints are our second most popular item!


32 ounce bottles of sweet maple syrup.  Now you've spent some time getting to know your syrup.  I suppose this is the engagement phase.  We'll be waiting for the "Save The Date" Card. 

Half Gallons

Half Gallons- 64 ounces of maple sweetness. This size is for when your taste buds are married to a syrup color/flavor! With the numerous great recipes that include real maple syrup, even these 5.5 lb jugs can go pretty fast!


The Past, The Present and The Future

Forbes Family SugarHouse.jpg
JBM Sugarhouse.jpg
Wooden Planks

Grandparent's Sugarhouse
Andover, Vermont

Photo taken Spring 1988(?)

Starting with at least my grandfather's father, our family has spent late Winter and early Spring gathering sap and boiling it.  This was my grandparents sugar-house.  They made decades worth of fine maple syrup here.

JBM Maple
Londonderry, Vermont


JBM Maple was founded by fourth generation maple sugarers in the Spring of 2016.  The operation is bigger than our grandparents could have imagined and they sure would be proud.  Currently JBM taps approximately 2600 trees.

What's Next?
Weston, Vermont

Summer 2020

JBM Maple has plans in the works to build a new sugar-house just north of Weston village.  The sugar-house will be more accessible to the public for a great customer-friendly, hands-on experience.